Team Building Doesn’t Have to be a Struggle

Everyone tells you that an important part of team building is showing up at events, presentation, and prospecting.  This is what they teach you because the odds of success are against you if you don’t do them.  It lets you duplicate your efforts.  Direct sales is a tools and system business and you must commit for the long haul because there isn’t a magic button to success.

Many teams are just groups of people coming together, hoping to find a way to work with each other.  These teams usually fail because they don’t know anything about team building.  Effective teams are made by planning and you have to be a leader if you want people to follow you.  Leading by example is the best motivation you can give your team.

I’ve noticed many new people hit a wall after experiencing some sign-ups then they are told to get in front of more people.  Some do and some don’t but many end up quitting and moving on to the next big opportunity.  I was even told this at one point; frustrated I did something most won’t do.  I went and educated myself.  So let’s look at what you can do to build a better team so you aren’t one of those who say talk to more people.

Team Building System:

Team building is both fun and challenging and you need to make sure you get the best performance for them.  If you want to get the best team performance you need to define team goals, and establish effective communication.  You need a system in place so you can get others to buy into you.  It needs to be duplicatable and simple.

Define Team Goals:

team-goalsPeople don’t need motivational speeches and reasons, what they need is a leader to show them what to do to be successful.  As a leader, you need to define team goals so you can put people in the best place to succeed, and a system to hold them accountable.  Accountability is important to team building and the lack of it can cause your team to fail.

When writing goals, for your team building activity, you should ask for input from others, and discuss them with members.  Once you are finished writing everything then give your team a copy.  Starting your team on the right path by giving them input and written expectations helps them to buy into your system and gives you a basis for accountability.


People thrust into leadership roles think all group members know what they know.  Communication is one of the most important aspects of successful team building.  You need your team to have good listening skills so they get an understanding of goals.  We gain understanding from listening so it is important to ask questions and repeat what you just heard.

As a leader it all starts with you and you need to keep focused at meetings.  You need to control the conversation and steer it back to the topics that need to be discussed.  Talk about problems affecting your team and keep them focused on finding solutions.  Things that add little to no value to the team should not be discussed at team meetings.  Save these talks for one on one with the individual so they can vent.

Getting Others to Buy Into You!

If you want to be a leader others follow you have to believe in yourself, your products, and your system.  You see if you don’t believe in yourself then how do you expect others to.  Educate yourself and your team using effective communication.  The reason so many quit is because they don’t have someone educating them and leading them to success.

When you are trying to get someone to join your team, your invitation is key to your success.  Most people will have to touch your business a few times and that is why your follow-up is important.  Think of your follow up system as a sales funnel.  Every time you follow up you should be one step closer to them joining your team.  Each step helps them understand what you do and helps build a strong relationship.

Keep It Simpleprospect

Building a team starts with targeting your perfect prospect.  Look for people who share the dream of being a business owner.  You have to get this one right or you will likely fail because you don’t have the right people buying into your team.  You can have a great step by step plan but if they don’t share your dreams they won’t work to learn and they won’t work it.

Team building is about systems and you need a system to start people off right.  You should set up your system and make sure it frees you up from spending time going over the same things with each new team member.  Sit down and think of all the questions you are asked then make a video answering them so you can refer people to the training.  This will free up your time so you can work on the important things.

Keeping your marketing plan simple is the best way to get people to buy into you.  The more complicated the system the less likely they are to understand what you are doing.  Teach them and help them grow and watch your business expand.


You’ve heard it all before, you need to have duplication so your team can succeed.  They watch you and want to know that they can build a team so they can succeed.  So how do you train them?  You need a system using sales and marketing tactics.  Sales are what you do to make money today, and marketing is everything you do to make money tomorrow.

So if part of your system is to start them off with a website so they can market online.  You know that this takes time and therefore would be a marketing tactic.  You shouldn’t stop doing what puts money in your pocket today, but you should use a mix of sales and marketing tactics.  I recently went to Ray Higdon’s Prospecting and Recruiting Summit 2016 and there was a part where he was talking about adding another MMA into your mix.  He said that doesn’t mean you stop doing what your are doing now to get people into your team.

Having a duplicatable system will help your team building be successful if you put the right system in place.  Your team will be on the same page because they all follow the steps you lay out for them.  Think plug and play using videos as your teaching system.

Wrapping Up

You’ve set team goals, made sure everyone shares information, now start their education about direct selling.  Your system will help get people to buy into you and make it easier for others to do the same.  They will use your system and bring others into your team so you can grow.

By:  Moraima Buonafede

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