How Successful Salespeople Make the Sale.

You don’t just jump up one day and say I am going to run a marathon.  Think about the great professional athletes, when they aren’t playing they are training and repetitions is how they get better.  It is proper preparation and repetition that gets you there.  They are the keys to success in any profession including sales.  If you look at the successful salespeople, the best practice their craft everywhere they go.

Why Successful Salespeople are Better?

Do you want to be successful in sales?  You have to know what you are going to say and prepare before you first contact someone. Successful salespeople know how they will respond when they get a price objection and it won’t be by discounting the price.  Their preparation has taught them to show the value and solve a problem.


Building Value

When you’re meeting with someone face to face, or you have them on the phone, you don’t have time to waste.  They are talking with you because they want something and they are ready to spend money with you or they wouldn’t be there.  Learning what is important to them lets you show them why they need what you’re offering. You have to show the value of your offer and why it is important for them to act on it and why they need to act now.  Next you have to get them motivated to buy so you can proceed.  It is important to show why you are the best choice among all other choices or you will get pressured to lower your price with the threat of going someplace else.

Finally you have to get the person to trust you and believe you are able to get them the results they are looking for.  Buyers need to see proof so they can trust you and know you will follow up on your promises.  Successful salespeople understand that without preparing they can’t build value and people won’t want to work with you.

Successful salespeople learn what people need through their conversations and this builds value in the customers mind.  Satisfying these points in your customer’s mind gives them all the reasons they need to buy from you and you will make your sales at the best price.


Listen then Talk

Listening is a communication skill that takes practice and is necessary for effective conversation.  You can tell when someone is only half listening because they misunderstand things and you end up repeating yourself two or three times.  Successful salespeople ask questions then listen and don’t waste time.  They know how to use what they learn by getting the information and use it when they do talk.

Having prepared for the conversation successful salespeople ask questions and listen.  They steer the conversations with their questions and listen for a way to build value.  Listening takes focus and work so you can understand someones problem and fill their need.  Listening is how they manage expectations and show the value they offer.

When you master the art of effective listening you will improve the quality of your relationships and build trust, but without it, you miss out on opportunities.  Poor communication is the biggest problem most businesses have and it results in mistakes and misunderstandings.  With your preparation and listening skills you should have the confidence to go forward.  Confidence is a powerful tool to a salesperson and it comes from a belief that you have in your product or service.  You won’t make many sales if you can’t talk about what you are selling with confidence because if you sound doubtful you aren’t believable.


Persistence and Commitment

Many times, it takes several contacts to get a meeting with your customer so you have to be persistent but not pushy.  Something comes up that stands in the way and you have to overcome it so you can move forward.  If you aren’t persistent and you give up on the first try you will never succeed.  Successful salespeople look for solutions so they can build value and overcome those obstacles then make the sale.  Since it takes several contacts you have to show your genuine concern for your customer and remind them that you are there when they need to solve their problem.  Letting them connect with you at their convenience.

It isn’t just persistence in following up that make successful salespeople stand out but they are also committed.  Committed to learning and improving everything about their careers.  Sales is a high energy profession and your thoughts and mindset are picked up on by your prospects.  It is why a commitment to learning and improving yourself daily that will help you stay focused and positive.

With all the things you have to do be successful you have to learn to manage your time well.  We don’t trade time for money like other professions where you clock in and get paid for an 8 hour day.  Learning to use your time to the best ability will determine how successful you are.  Create a list for the week and revisit it every day.  Anything that comes up that you need to add to your list add it and order it accordingly.  The more knowledge you get that you can use the more sales you will make and the more money you will get.



You want to earn people’s trust and to get that you have to be believable.  Your credibility is something that is hard to get back once you have gotten a bad name

with your prospect and you may not get another chance.   Trust and credibility are the most important thing that you can have if you want to be successful.  Mix in your persistence and hard work and you are on the path to becoming successful.  Successful salespeople have learned that doing these things takes work and they work longer and harder at perfecting their craft and take the extra steps to give value.

Success in any profession takes preparation and repetition.  If you are thinking about getting into sales, it is a great profession to be in and you get to work for yourself.  Don’t think working for yourself means you have time to do anything you want.  If you like what you read, then be the first to know when we post new articles and tips each month. You will also receive exclusive information that we only share with our email subscribers.



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By:  Moraima Buonafede