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How To Do Instagram Live Video

There are so many live video services out there today.  You have Instagram live, FaceBook Live, Periscope, Snapchat, LiveStream and many more.  Are you thinking of adding live video to your Instagram stories?  Instagrams latest app lets you connect in real-time and is the latest to come out.  Creating live feeds let you connect with your follows through your content.  Instagram news feed is similar to the Facebook news feed so you can connect with your audience and stay fresh on their mind.  Now your followers will get notified when you go live so you can build your engagement.

Before you start your live broadcast, you need to check your settings.  You can access your settings by clicking on the wheel at the top left on Instagram.  Checking your settings lets you decide who is able to see your story and if you will let anyone message you.  You will need a screen recording software like ScreenFlow for Macs and AZ Screen Recorder for Androids.  Rec is another Android recording application that lets you make adjustments and make audio recordings.

Getting Started With Instagram Liveinstagram live

Go to your Instagram story profile at the top of your news feed or click on the camera to the left of your screen. From your Instagram stories, you can choose live, normal, or boomerang.  The difference between live video and normal is live ends when the video ends and normal the video lasts 24 hours.  Use the boomerang to create video from pictures like a time lapse video.  Now you are ready to start recording and can go to Instagram’s live feature.

Once I started a live video and my camera was pointed the wrong way.  You can switch views with the icon on the right of the start live video button. Use an external light/lenses that clip on your phone if you need an external light.   Press the start live video button and you are recording your broadcast and Instagram tells your followers.

Manage Your Live Broadcast

Once you start recording you can see how many viewers that joined your broadcast at the bottom of the screen.  Get your audience interacting with your video using the conversation box to answer questions and reply to comments.  Your audience engagement shows they’re interested in what you say and helps keep them viewing longer.  If you aren’t going to have comments you can turn them off with the three dots on the bottom right.

You can see how long you’ve been on by tapping the live icon and managing your audience is easy with Instagram Live.  Find out who is watching and if someone acts inappropriately you can remove them.  Press the end button located at the top right of your screen to end your live video and you will see your analytics.  Remember your video is lost when your broadcast ends and you won’t see this information again if you didn’t make a screen recording of your live video.

Promote With Instagram Live

Live video is one of the latest and hottest marketing trends out today and Instagram’s Live is the newest service.  Promoting your live video on Instagram stories lets you add to your brand.  You want to promote your videos and go live at peak times for the best results.  The more interesting content you share gives you more of a chance to be on the top of the feed.  Let’s look at some of the ways you can use this to promote your business.


We recently started a new Zumba Strong class led by one of the teachers that teach the dance instructors.  Promoting special offers and events are great for creating scarcity and you will get better results for your efforts.  We are planning a promotion for Zumba Strong giving people the chance to see this class live in action.  We will use Instagram live to get people to direct message us so you can build relationships with them. Giving behind the scenes look at our classes should help us connect with more people and get more local people involved.  We will tell them a story of how Strong was created and let them experience the journey with us.  Whatever you use your Instagram Live for, make sure you over deliver valuable content so your can build loyal followers.

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By:  Moraima Buonafede


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