Email Marketing: The Key to Succeed Online

Why Customers Prefer Email Marketing!

Do you use email marketing to sell online?  If you said no? Then you are a minority since 89 percent of marketers use email.  They use it as their primary source for lead generation.  I was told by one of my friends that as marketers we keep what works and change what doesn’t, and email marketing has proven to work.

As a consumer, I prefer receiving offers through email because I can choose what I see and when I see it, and I can unsubscribe from their list if I want.  It is this kind of control that lets your customers get offers they really want.  It is better than social media where you constantly see paid ads that you never asked to see.

If you are new to marketing online and are looking for tools so you can get started then you should choose email.  Email marketing is easy to start, easy to measure, and is a key piece of every marketer’s toolkit.  It lets you grow your list and is highly effective.   It isn’t the latest fad and the majority of your customers will prefer getting an email to get offers and promotions from your business.

With email marketing, you can set up campaigns to acquire new leads.  You can create other campaigns so you can keep them in your sales funnel after they join.  Your list is a valuable resource for making online sales and is easily scalable.  You can both create sales and build relationships.  Each person on your list has a dollar value so you can sell more by sending multiple offers to different lists.

Go Beyond Social Media!

So many people are creating content on social media these days and social media is another list building tool.  The one thing aboutgo-beyond-social-media

creating content like this is you are not in control.  It puts you at the mercy of whatever social media you are using because you don’t own Instagram, FaceBook, etc.   You have to play by their rules or risk getting your account shut down so you really should think about adding a blog to your mix.

Having a blog gives you another platform which you own.  You can send people to your site by sending your latest blog post to your list.  This lets you get more repeat traffic.  Let’s look st some of the things we can do to create and grow your list online with your blog.  You can have a signup form on your site so you can get their information by giving something away for free.

Things you can offer for free are trainings, videos, ebooks, audios, site registrations, and memberships so you can add value to your readers. The value of an email list isn’t a secret to marketers because they know the audience is the asset and they depend on email marketing more than any other method including social media.

Why Email is the Best Choice

Trying to convert traffic into leads and sales can be challenging for online sellers.   There are too many distractions and consumers need to marketed to over time.  Using email to communicate with your customer, you talk to them 1 to 1 without any distractions.  There is not another online marketing channel that lets you do that.  With social media, it is hit or miss if they see your message and is more indirect marketing.


Marketing on social media is like standing in a market square of people selling and you are competing to be heard.  In your online market you are competing for attention against news, blog articles, personal messages, and the list keeps going.  This is why organic reach has been declining but with email, there is less competition.

If that isn’t enough to convince you of emails effectiveness then consider this.  Email converts four times better than social media and is the highest converting marketing channel.  It has the highest ROI and click through making it the best way to market to your prospects.

best_choice_ribbon-resized-600Isn’t it about time for you to start building your list so you can maximize your sales?  Simply start engaging people and asking them to subscribe to your list so you can start marketing to people who are interested in what you have to say.

If you want to get more sales and please your customers you need to get them as part of your audience.  Once you have them on your email list you can find out what they want.

This is how you convert readers to customers.



Growing Your List


Once you start building your list you have to work it every day.  You should always have something where you can capture emails because people unsubscribe.  Taking the time to start working email will give you your most reliable marketing method for your business.

Owning a fitness club I started thinking of offline tactics to start growing my list.  Some of the things I considered that have proven to be effective are requiring emails when doing evaluations and during the registration process.  Although it doesn’t apply to me I’ve gone to several stores that ask for an email address when you are checking out at the register.  I am working on creating a loyalty members program.

With the increasing rise in mobile content more and more emails are opened on a phone.   You want to use a mobile responsive design.  Many marketers are using email opt-ins when users view mobile content by requiring them to sign up for a mobile app.  Email is a marketer’s best tool.



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By:  Moraima Buonafede


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