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I’ve always loved dancing and it led me into having my own dance and fitness studio and online business.  Is there something you are passionate about?  It could be your work or a hobby.  Ask yourself what is it I like to do?  Is there a way you can make money from your interests or turn it into a business?  It took a while but I finally achieved my goal of owning a dance studio.  I made some mistakes, but everyone does, and I learned from them and moved on and did better the next time.

Today I wanted to talk a little about how I turned my dancing passion into a business and the steps I’ve taken.  You have to think about different things running a physical business than you do with an online business.  Transitioning to having an online business is challenging too and gives you more things to consider.

Starting Your Online Businessmake money online

Small businesses are transforming themselves online because it offers opportunities not available before.  Starting out in an online business is scary because there is so much information to consider.  You can learn everything you need to know but still not know what to do.  Most people who don’t start making money online don’t know how to get started.

They don’t have any idea what they can do to make money.  Ask yourself how you can turn your passions into a money making online business.  One you can run anywhere you happen to be and build success.  There are no push-button solutions or instruction manuals like some people want but it is worth the reward.  I studied, sought advice from others who were already doing it, and attended conferences, tradeshows, and events to learn what I know.  So let’s look at some ways you can start making money and build your own online business.

Start with your goals

There is a saying “if you fail to plan you fail to plan” and many people do things and don’t understand why they are doing them.  I started off that way and heard many people tell me “I don’t know what I did but I did it and it worked for me so you can too.”  Spending time with upfront planning can save you hundreds of hours
.  Starting with your goals, identify a profitable niche market and create your products or services based on your passions.  Once you’ve identified your goals the tactics will fall into place afterward.


To be successful when starting any business you have to do your research. It is the foundation of all marketing plans and lets you know how to get inside the head of your perfect customer.  It is how you find their hopes, fears, and desires and most of the time it doesn’t involve money.  Research tells you what they like to read and where they are likely to be found online.

Skipping this step hurts many people starting an online business because they don’t know how to identify their skills.  People don’t know how to turn their skills into something others can use.  You have to look at your skills and see what problem you can solve because people hire people to solve problems.  People are willing to pay to have their problems solved.

Discover Ways to Make Money

Working with others as a consultant lets you offer your expertise directly to your client.  You can consult with people looking to learn about your services and give them an online course every week.  By customizing your solution for specific clients lets you find those with real needs that will pay for the services you provide.

You can create products and services that give value to people’s lives and are related to your passions for your online business.  You take what you know, package it, and create something you can offer customers.  Something your clients can recognize the value that either makes them money or saves them time or money.

If you want to start making money right away you can showcase your services by freelancing.  This lets you test your offer to find if people are willing to pay for it.  Freelancing lets you make money on short and long term projects and you make the rules for fulfilling the job based on your services.  I started using freelance service to get the tasks done that I don’t have time for.  This saves me time and is a win-win situation for both me and the freelancer and their online business.

Social media and bloggers attract large followings and some get paid to share information about different products.  You take your knowledge on a topic and work toward getting paid for talking about it.  Many of the famous fashion blogs make a living online by offering product tips and tricks.  Lots of experts online made money by writing books and articles about things they were passionate about.

Promoting your business/ product

Promoting your businessYou’ve done your research and matched your passions and skills with a niche.  You’ve  discovered different ways to make money, now it’s time to think about promotion.  You have to get the word out and let people know about your products and services.  Just like you need people walking in the door at a physical business you need traffic and to let people know you are there.  Social media is a great starting point in promoting your business.  You have to have a presence where your customers are.


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By:  Moraima Buonafede